mUMu Snow Cap Inner Kids


Finally, your prayers have been answered moms! Your daughters can also have the opportunity to be a beloved mUMuDoll!

Mumu Snow Cap Inner KIDS collection is a new innovative effort to ensure our Best Selling product reaches the younger mUMuDolls .The stretchable material made from the finest Viscose Cotton Hybrid gives you a velvety smooth feel and fits beautifully as well as total comfort no matter how long it is worn. Engineered and constructed to suit 6-12 year olds. Available in 10 basic & pastel colours. At last, your kids can feel as comfortable as you are!


Material: High Quality Viscose Type: Inner Snow Cap Size: 6-12 Y/O Opacity: 5/5 Washable: Yes Label: Metal Tag (NEW)


It is recommended to hand wash these beautiful snowcap as to maintain the softness and quality of the fabric.