mUMu Premium Chiffon Shawl - NEW

After the huge success and phenomenon of the first, second and third release, Mumu Chiffon Premium is back with a vengeance! Available in exclusive colours handpicked to suit all your needs. Convenience and effortless will be your mantra from now onwards. Easy to iron and the breathable material is made from the highest quality heavy chiffon to create the perfect silhouette. For those of you who are very familiar with Mumu Basic Shawl will definitely fall in love with this special gift. A new found love with this one. Slightly heavier and softer material but same 'WOW' factor.


Mumu Chiffon Premium collection is a Mumu Scarves signature product made from the highest quality heavy chiffon to guarantee total comfort and breathability. The material drapes beautifully as well as easy ironing. Extra length for total coverage.

Available in 2 stunning colors.

Material: High Quality Korean Chiffon Type: Shawl  Size: 1.75m x 0.65m Opacity: 4/5 Washable: Yes Label: Woven & Metal Tag


It is recommended to hand wash these beautiful scarves as to maintain the softness and quality of the fabric.