LE Series mUMu Miss Kate 2018


mUMu presents the latest addiction and addition to the mUMu LE Series family, mUMu Miss Kate. Sophisticated, elegant and effortless. There is a little bit of Miss Kate in all of us. PapaMumu is very certain that all mUMuDolls embody the essence of Miss Kate.

Always confident and assuring. Miss Kate is someone who craves success and enjoys adventures. Miss Kate also has a softer side to her, occasionally enjoys a quiet night reading her favourite book sipping a hot cup of tea. Miss Kate does it all!

These exclusive pieces come in 6 stunning colours. Made from the finest premium satin silk ensuring flow and breathability. Definitely not slippery and easy to style. You know it is an LE when it is from mUMu!

Each piece comes wrapped in our Exclusive Gift Box and customized Thank You Card. Suitable as gifts.


Material: High Quality Satin Silk Type: Shawl Size: 175cm x 68cm Opacity: 4/5 Washable: Yes Label: Printed